About Us

Agilefin, Inc. is a premier service provider of Managed Services and Technology Staffing to many top performance companies. We have the experience and personnel to create solutions that help you acquire new customers while increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of your current customers. Our core competency resides in everything BI. If data is an “elephant”, we make that elephant dance using best in class technologies and resources available to us via our strong influence network.

Outsourcing is a proactive approach that can improve productivity as well as reduce cost. Agilefin’s goal is to provide quality and cost effective IT services, allowing its clients to focus on their core competencies and other strategic initiatives.


To provide exceptional services that deliver maximum benefit and cost efficiencies by being an integral part of clients business and a seamless extension of their sales, marketing, finance, and customer care team and to provide these services in a professional, responsive and flexible manner which makes us a value added link between our clients and their respective end customers.


Starts with the Best Management

Superior management is the only competitive advantage. Each of Agilefin’s departments, including; Software sales, Training and Technology Services are the best in the industry.

Run Efficient

Agilefin prides itself on its “Agile” process flow to begin projects on time, meet goals and complete projects in the designated time frame, resulting in profitable and optimum client satisfaction.

Outstanding Customer Service

We provide our clients with Control, quality, cost, training, dependability, stability, commitment, as well as technical, business customer and product knowledge. We continually aim to improve the results that we deliver to the client by looking for ways to enhance their project.


Everything we do for our clients is of the highest standards. We establish a climate of mutual respect. We extend common courtesy and give them what they want. We follow through with our commitments and keep the client abreast of our progress.